Rules of Procedure of the Judicial Inquiry Commission

Rule 1.       Definitions

Rule 2.       Disqualification

Rule 3.       Style of Proceedings and Process

Rule 4.       Privilege 

Rule 5.       Confidentiality of Proceedings

Rule 6.       Investigations

Rule 7.       Subpoenas and Other Process

Rule 8.       Contempt

Rule 9.       Meetings

Rule 10.     Alternate Dispute Resolution

Rule 11.     Officers of the Commission

Rule 12.     Executive Committee

Rule 13.     Seal

Rule 14.     Judge Acting as Such While Disqualified

Rule 15.     Prosecution of Charges Before Court of the Judiciary

Rule 16.     Deferral of Impairment Cases

Rule 17.     Informal Communications with Judge

Rule 18.     Advisory Opinions

Rule 19.     Right to Relief from Violations of These Rules by Commission

Rule 20.     Publication