The nine-member Judicial Inquiry Commission constitutionally created to investigate allegations of misconduct by Alabama judges and, where appropriate, to file formal charges against judges in the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.

The Commission does not have the authority to change a court ruling, decision, or order. Nor does the Commission evaluate whether a judge has made a mere legal error regarding a particular ruling. If your complaint is about the “correctness” of a judge’s ruling, you should consult with an attorney about whether to file an appeal with a higher court. The Commission cannot provide legal advice. To obtain an attorney or legal aid referral, you may contact the Alabama State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at or by calling (800) 392-5660.

To have a complaint form sent to you, please contact the Commission’s office at (334) 242-4089, or you may download and print the complaint form yourself here. Please note, the complaint form must be signed and notarized. Once completed, you may submit the complaint via U.S. mail to:

Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission
401 Adams Avenue, Suite 720
P.O. Box 303400
Montgomery, AL 36130

To view current and past cases in the Alabama Court of the Judiciary and filings in those cases, go to: